Sunday, August 19, 2012

SWOT Analysis

A situation analysis that examines external factors and maternal conditions of an organization to identify strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.

a.       Strength
-          Distinctive competence
-          Strong financial resources
-          Cost of price leader
-          Strong brand name
-          Innovative skills
-          Skilled human resources
-          Loyal customers
-          Superior technological know how

b.      Weakness
-          No clear direction
-          Weak market-share
-          Weak distribution network
-          Weak market silage
-          Poor marketing competency
-          Lack of distinct competency
-          Absolute plant and facilities
-          Poor track record of strategic implementation

c.       Opportunities
-          Growth in new market
-          New product development
-          Quality improvement
-          Expand product line
-          Vertical integration
-          Emerging customer needs
-          Economic advantage
-          Related product diversification
-          Adverse demographic change

d.      Threats
-          Entry of low cost
-          Competitors
-          Slow market growth
-          Substitute products
-          Change in technology
-          Adverse legislation
-          Changing buyer’s needs
-          Strong customer pressure


An instrument proceeding from the government and convincing  a right, authority or grant to an individual, as a patent for a tract of land, or for the exclusive right to make and seal a new invention.

Trade mark

Generally speaking a distractive mark of authority, through which the product of particulars manufacturers or the vendible commodities of particular merchants may be distinguished from those of others. It may consist in any symbol or in any form of words, but as its office is to point out distinctively the origin or ownership of the article to which it is affixed it follows that no sign or form of words can be appropriated as a valid trademark which, from the nature or the fact conveyed by its primary meaning, others may employ with equal truth and wit equal right for the same purpose.


The right of literary property as recognized and sanctioned by positive law. An intangible, incorporeal right granted by statute to the author or originator or certain literary or artistic productions, where sale and exclusive privilege of multiplying copies of the same and publishing and sealing them.

Benefits of rural tourism

1.       Economic flow
2.       Social transformation
3.       Cultural exchange
4.       Economic assistance
5.       Marketing resources
6.       Employment formation
7.       Management of rural resources
8.       Increase in physical resources
9.       Cultural conservation

Structure and features of rural market

1.       Unorganized
2.       Predominance of mini market
3.       Seasonal
4.       Predominance of intermediaries
5.       Highly influenced by Indian market
6.       Poor market mechanism
7.       Lack of standard measurement system

Monday, August 6, 2012

Business Plan

1.       It is roadmap of proposed new venture of the entrepreneur
2.       It is a wirtten document that details the proposed venture
3.       It describe current status, expected needs and projected results of the venture
4.       It allocates resources in a co-ordinate manner.
5.       It provides clear picture about what the venture is?, where it is projected to go?, how to get there?
6.       It also present a time table for implementation of new venture
7.       It provides a set of guidelines for goals, activities to be done, timing of doing activity, responsibility of doing activities resources needed and projected profit.